Rafting and whitewater rafting are recreational outdoor activities that include navigating a river or other body of water on an inflatable raft. This is frequently done on whitewater or in varying degrees of roughness. Dealing with risk is frequently an aspect of the experience.

I have been in this sport/job for several years and did it for salary, besides that I finished education for white water guide, first aid which is included in job as a guide.  Most of the rafting I have done is on river Una, and there are different levels and routes researched and adapted for any generation of guests. Most of the rafting is done in the core of nature out of the cities that’s why for me this was one of the dream jobs.

Usually, there are different kinds which I’ll mention through this post, but if haven’t done touristic rafting I suggest u do it, of course with a spirit of a competitor.

Rafting is a team sport in which rafters race on an inflatable raft against other teams. The race is won by the squad that arrives at the destination first. The races are held in varying degrees of white water or rough water. The rafters paddle the boat with two blades. Rafting should not be confused with canoeing, kayaking, rowing, or dragon boating because they all use different boats and follow separate rules.


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This activity has grown in popularity as an adventure sport since the 1950s, if not earlier, with individuals paddling 10 foot (3.0 m) to 14 foot (4.3 m) rafts with double-bladed paddles or oars to multi-person rafts propelled by single-bladed paddles and steered by a person at the stern, or by the use of oars.

Rafting on certain sections of rivers is considered an extreme activity and can be lethal, although other sections are not as tough or extreme. Rafting is also a competitive sport that takes place all over the world, culminating in a global rafting championship event between the participating nations. The International Rafting Federation, or IRF, is the global governing body that supervises all elements of the sport.

Rafting equipment has grown and progressed tremendously since the days of old rubber WW II military surplus rafts. Modern whitewater rafts are often built from sophisticated nylon or Kevlar infused plastics such as PVC or urethane, however many entry-level low-cost manufacturers continue to use bonded rubber. When compared to traditional rubber rafts, plastic is often more durable, lasts longer, and is just as easy to repair.

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