Book Design Fortunato Depero


The task for this project was to make a book cover with flaps that will represent the biography book cover of one artist. The choice was up to us, find someone interesting from an additional link found interesting Italian artist Fortunato Depero as a successful futurist graphic designer and artist in general. For fulfilling this task (biography book cover) it’s very important to explore and research all of the work of the artist itself from start to the point where he became famous.

Parts and interrelations

On the front part of the cover, there is a collage of a Famous drink called Campari fitted into one piece with a photograph of the artist itself (Fortunato Depero) climbing on the small battle the real-life size of the bottle is way smaller than represented here. The symbolism of Campari and Depero climbing on it is simple after Depero became a quite famous artist in the period of his work he started making commercial art within he designed bottle of Campari drink which brought him more fame and popularity in general not just in the art world. He made the whole concept of Campari advertising and bringing futurism art into the everyday life of an average person. There is also a book with all of the illustrations he made for that company but we can say also for his development as a graphic artist.

The typography itself is from a similar part of his career also very famous and recognizable, it is one of the main titles and typography he used for his cover of “The Bolled Book” as he did here we can see the connection between symbols and letters which are making our path of seeing and spectating lettering in a particular order, the dart is something he used in his simple typography (without order in focus to make order) as well as capital letters divided and used as decoration but not in regular size ar position (backside of the book cover has almost recreated the same effect as in his work “TYPOGRAPHICAL ARCHITECTURE WALL MANIFESTO form same bolted book ).

Besides letters upside down or confusing positions (not just letters but whole words and sentences), Depero used a lot of negative space and geometry. Futurism itself as they call it was a period of strong clear and fast art (besides they were a bit fascist) it was a period when messages were clear and they tried to represent the speed and movement of things as well people for the flops.

I decided to give beside final solution in case the bonk was written in sense of autobiography and one more additional flap which is the start of the book (or introduction). For that case, there could be written words of Bruno Giordano Sanazini where he explains motorcycles as a fast and representative symbol of futurism and speed connected to that on both flops we can find 2 parts, faded-out art pieces of early Depero’s work “Futurist Motorcycle” from 1914. However, it’s designed with two flaps one beside another, that conducts into an art piece itself that represents Depero’s art direction and the start of his career. The color pallet used on this Book cover is not soo much complicated, and it fits his work throughout all ages at his work. Connecting the most important information and artworks of Depero, some elements can show us and indicate into his work and famous facts about him like Typography for the title is what was made by Pedro, while other parts of the typography are mainly inspired by his work as another new-age typographer.


Depero as well as a lot of other artists were forced to work and make things in a particular way (mostly because of the political situation, fascism). But Depero sustained to work on his progress and develop himself until the point of the commercially used design. Unique work and side effects that made him sharp and geometrically correct didn’t affect on leading his work into a direction where besides political glorification of his design remain every day seen by normal and regular people.