Adem Hajdarevic Hiking Bihac Sarajevo


Hiking is a long, strenuous trek in the countryside, usually on trails or pathways and it is something I really enjoy doing whenever I have free time. During the seventeenth century, walking for pleasure became popular in Europe. Religious pilgrimages have been around for a long time, but typically entail walking large distances for a...

Adem Hajdarevic Snowboarding Portfolio


Snowboarding is a recreational and competitive sport that entails descending a snow-covered slope while standing on a snowboard, which is usually always attached to the rider's feet. It takes part in both the Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics. It is a sport that I enjoy a lot! Sherman Poppen, an engineer in Muskegon, Michigan,...

Adem Hajdarevic Rafting

Sports & Outdoor Activities

I practice sports and outdoor activities at any opportunity I get! I love sports such as winter skiing, snowboarding, summer rafting, any outdoor sports in all seasons like hiking, skateboarding, spending time outdoors, camping, and fly-fishing! Outdoor recreation, sometimes known as an outdoor activity, is any form of recreation that takes place outside, most commonly...