Adem Hajdarevic Hiking Bihac Sarajevo


Hiking is a long, strenuous trek in the countryside, usually on trails or pathways and it is something I really enjoy doing whenever I have free time. During the seventeenth century, walking for pleasure became popular in Europe. Religious pilgrimages have been around for a long time, but typically entail walking large distances for a spiritual reason associated with specific religions.

Hiking Around Sarajevo

There are few places on the European continent where pure and unadulterated nature has been kept in all of its splendor and charm. The middle Bosnian highlands, particularly those near Sarajevo, are the most magnificent.

The terrain progressively changes from the peaceful and fertile plains of Northern Bosnia to the steep and forested plateaus of Central Bosnia. Sarajevo is surrounded on all sides by this plateau. From an outdoor standpoint, Sarajevo is undoubtedly the most interesting town in the Balkans due to its unique geographical location and distinctive cultural mix.



Adem Hajdarevic Hiking Bihac Sarajevo
Monte Paularo is a high mountain peak at an elevation of 1.970m (6463ft) above sea level, located in the Province of Udine in the Italian region.


Summit the Trebevic Mountain

The Trebevic mountain rises slightly above Sarajevo, taking parts of the city on the left bank of the Miljacka river to new heights. Trebevic is the most popular outdoor attraction for Sarajevo residents due to its proximity to the city, as well as its beauty, softness, and ease of access.

There are numerous trails leading up to the Trebevic peak, but our recommended hiking route would be to take a one-way Sarajevo cable car and a short, 10-minute walk to Pino Nature hotel, and then follow a marked trail through dense pine forest, passing by the destroyed mountain hut “Vaso Miskin – Crni” via serpentine, to the very top of the Trebevic mountain at 1629m. The walk from the exit cable car station to the Pino Hotel takes no more than 10 minutes. Gravel trail passes through pine forest by stairs, directly to the right as you arrive at the cable car station parking area.

Once at the summit, you may gaze out over the Sarajevo valley and the surrounding giants of Romanija, Treskavica, Bjelasnica, and Visocica. This section of the hike will take you about 2.30 hours.

Return along the eastern ridge trail, stopping at the Jure Franko mountain lodge. Jure Franko was a Yugoslav silver medalist in skiing at the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, and this lovely cabin was named after him. Later, return to Sarajevo via the Olympic bobsled track and the old Sarajevo neighborhoods of Jarcedoli and Bistrik. Explore the cultural and environmental richness of this wonderful mountain in this manner. The return trip would take no more than three hours of easy downhill walking.

Adem Hajdarevic Hiking Bihac Sarajevo

Skakavac Waterfall Hiking Adventure

Skakavac waterfall is located on Sarajevski Ozren mountain, 12 kilometers north of Sarajevo. With a height of 98 meters, the “grasshopper” waterfall is the most stunning natural wonder in Sarajevo.

Our favorite hiking trail to Skakavac is from Cavljak via Crepoljsko and Bukovik, and then to Skakavac waterfall through Crepoljsko and Bukovik. The majority of the track coming from this direction is a gravel road, making it ideal for persons with average to low fitness levels.

The starting point at Cavljak may be accessed by public transportation minibus route #64 from Kosevo to Barice, followed by a 45-minute walk to the Cavljak mountain chalet. A taxi from Sarajevo to Cavljak, on the other hand, should not cost more than 17 to 20 EUR one way. If you choose to go from this side, your starting point at Cavljak is at 1200+ m.a.s.l., which means the rest of the trail is a modest ascent with the majority being an easy and relaxing descent.

When you get to Skakavac, don’t forget to see the spring, which is just a few minutes’ walk above the waterfall. When you reach the top of the waterfall, take the indicated serpentine trail beneath it to enjoy the best perspective of the waterfall.

Later, follow the signposted trail under the waterfall to the Dragan’s hut for refreshments or some wonderful local food before continuing on to Sarajevo city center via Nahorevo hamlet and Sarajevo ZOO.

Spending time outside may be more beneficial than you realize. Hiking is obviously good for our bodies, but few people consider that it may also be good for our minds. As a result, as more people become aware of the benefits of hiking, the number of admirers grows. And it is that, in addition to walking, we experience unusual scenery and are in contact with nature when we trek.


Adem Hajdarevic Hiking Bihac Sarajevo
Paularo is a comune in the Province of Udine in the Italian region Friuli-Venezia Giulia, located about 110 kilometers northwest of Trieste and about 50 kilometers north of Udine, on the border with Austria.


Adem Hajdarevic Hiking Bihac Sarajevo


Adem Hajdarevic Hiking Bihac Sarajevo

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