Photo Essay Sanguinary Times

A photographic (photo) essay is a form of visual storytelling and a way to present a narrative through a series of images. This is an essay I made as a University project.


Particular work presented here resembles a travel photo essay, the essay includes 30 black & white photos. The cover photo is included in the work and it stylized the whole flow of photos ad their orientation in a booklet.

Representation of short-long stories through few photos, therefore the theme is picked in sense of constant work through every day. 




B&W photography gives an impact on every situation, even the things u r noticing around places and people u can see which one is dying and which community died. Contrast and organized space are making this essay shut down the original motive and show u second part of the image as the main one.


As on the cover photo, we can notice quite calm and depressed as well energy with the title it forms the idea of hard apocalyptic and almost dead point. The other 3 pages are made by the rules of booklet specification so it is giving the full impression of how the essay should look, with a clean transmission on work. The whole concept and idea behind this project were one of the world’s biggest 21 st population movements “problems”, that the world was facing as well before “migrations”. Although speaking of the same migrations are no problem they are rush and well know explored area of our development as a society that never stops moving and changing depending on habitant. So as migrations were important for spreading people of all kinds, all around the world its just one showcase that there is a different kind of migrations and emigrations.

Most people run from countries with low living standards and low income (economic), the other kind of emigrations from countries is done during some political regime or not peaceful situation in the country or neighbor countries, and one quite famous religious intolerance.

And one of the worst speakings of victims and resources lots natural catastrophe, and now in these days known as an epidemiological catastrophe. Most of them sometimes are combined so range and numbers are increasing with small amounts of control or regulations.

Speaking of which this essay is a story about the Balkan route in 2020, with arrival bigger numbers of individual groups, families, or organized groups started passing through Bosnia and going to the countries of the EU. Travel starts from Sarajevo as the main Town of Bosnia and Herzegovina and goes all way to the northern cities of Italy such as Milano or Brescia. The key part of this project was to photograph all people in movement with putting an accent on people no matter what skin color they are and catching the moment of particular contras or basic photographic rule, while some of the photos took the representation of space, borders, and everything that separates us between countries and connects us in towns (any migrational issue). In the eye of the regular traveler going by bus legally, I wanted to show what a legal passenger can see from the bus while following routes and roads which illegal immigrants cannot even reach. On another hand, I wanted also to put the accent on human trafficking as one of the main problems and help these people on the move get. In every country that immigrants are passing through or ll in the future, there are organized criminal groups and individuals that are taking them over the border or not even close to the goal. Those people are between us and they are just one part of the dark stories these people are witnessing and meeting over their travels. 

Besides all sanctions risks and consequences, these people are risking their lives every day for a better tomorrow. And we all deserve the same rights as well as passing borders no matter name, so in fact, borders exist to protect the country, not the people inside of it. I followed and tried to find the place where these people spent days and nights in towns as well I was filling easy and fluent energy in other towns.

In every photo, there is a trace of hope that we would see someone but in the most blocked area, Croatia, Slovenia there is no sign of people on the move. And it seems like a vacuum until u reach Italy, In Italy whatsoever, socialization and integration into society have been done for several years. And it shows that more or less by the time we will all become hosts for many people around the world without even knowing. It s a natural process but the sad part is today’s travel and life standard is luck where u have been born in the situation to have the house and not be born somewhere in the carport box on the street. In that, with correlation, I put in focus as well streets railway stations, bus stations, tram stops, public spaces. In every sign location, there is a small or big group of people doing everyday activities or just passing by and moving those limits of free movement.

Nice pictures from Europe with shining things and big building a lot of people and in the Balkans few people, less nice building more wires and fences.



Definition of sanguinary


Sanguinary hatred

2. Attended by bloodshed: BLOODY

“This bitter and sanguinary war” — T. H. D. Mahoney

3. Consisting of blood

a sanguinary stream