My Work

Logo & Brand Design Tattoo Pink Project

Logo and Brand Design Tattoo Pink Project

Light Diary – Nature Photography

A light diary project that I did for IBU with a focus on nature and the human body with an accent on bright colors and the peak of sunlight.

Painting Projects

Examples of some painting projects that I did in my free time.

Photography Project (Abstract) – 7 sins

Overview This Project is made up of a group of images representing the 7 deadly sins. Every sin is represented by drops of water on a smooth surface. The drops in their composition always create different suggestions and depending on how they are distributed they are associated with a different movement of the human soul. [...]

Letter Recreation – Typography Project

Overview Digitalization/recreation of the capital letter M throughout rules of composition and proportion, based on a handmade letter from a particular period in the past. Characteristics and optional usage of a digital version within different examples and indications of measurements. Parts Letter "M" by its construction is based on 4 main lines/parts. Looking at this [...]

Photo Essay Sanguinary Times

A photographic (photo) essay is a form of visual storytelling and a way to present a narrative through a series of images. This is an essay I made as a University project. Overview Particular work presented here resembles a travel photo essay, the essay includes 30 black & white photos. The cover photo is included in [...]

Tattoo Machine Catalog

Photorealistic tattoo machine catalog mock-up that can also be used as a tattoo studio poster template. A Catalog can contain all commercial product information that enables product marketing managers to define and map new product offers. This encompasses certain sets of tools that allow configuration of new products and service bundles, pricing and discounts or [...]

Sheeda Webshop Design

Webshop Design for "Sheeda" Skate Shop Company. My work included but is not limited to the website layout, the individual pages, the navigational structure, and the images. All of the elements that I created can be customized for any online presentation needs and the design is fully responsive. The design includes 2 kinds of different [...]

Book Design Fortunato Depero

Overview The task for this project was to make a book cover with flaps that will represent the biography book cover of one artist. The choice was up to us, find someone interesting from an additional link found interesting Italian artist Fortunato Depero as a successful futurist graphic designer and artist in general. For fulfilling […]

Song Artwork

Overview The Song Artwork is a unique representation of our feelings and understanding a particular song as our favorite, which means something close to us something that we can represent by visual abilities and mastery to make a story with lines and colors. It is a quite personal and unique task in the sense of […]