Song Artwork


The Song Artwork is a unique representation of our feelings and understanding a particular song as our favorite, which means something close to us something that we can represent by visual abilities and mastery to make a story with lines and colors. It is a quite personal and unique task in the sense of music taste and a combination of thoughts. Colors and mood of a particular period of life as our stamp on artboard within philosophy that we are giving to people that are listening and understanding the work of an artist through our imagination or our own work in both directions in this case.

Parts and interrelations

This particular artwork has several layers, as it represents clock and time it also resembles rush and hurries that people ar constantly take over by same. Background with shapes of faces characters resembles people stuck and stoned in time, particularly stoped as time and name of the song 15 minutes before 12 as a quarter before the main number and top number. The game of opposite number 3 resembles 15 minutes that are in the opposite direction which is giving the visual effect of seeing 15 minutes after not before where the main charter is on the position of number 9. The face that is in the corner is there to take attention and take your look on the corner from where everything is starting and spinning effect on middle confusion about darts that should point at numbers but it’s not actually giving us a perspective of any time at all.

Where in the end actually aggressive colors and types of numbers are giving importance to layers that are above the painting in the back. Hand as the human element in a negative circle is an element that is in motion and not stopped hand that is in rush as our behaves and our work. The rush that is stoped rush on which we r late but again before time is point and message of this song artwork as song represents to me smth that is not on time that should be a bit faster is making the effect of 15 min before and after 12 point where everything stops. The black part is part of conclusion and depth where everything is less important and small dark spot as a reminder of end and deep time without end no matter what and how we mark clock or numbers in it won’t stop, for us. But, for me, that particular melody has ended and as it has ended it shows me that end is a necessary part of melody, emotion, and time.


Wrapping time and twisting it, is quite hard because it is constant, but the same constant we can change in many different visual ways. Understanding and knowing it is something that we learned from a small age but visualization in our head is almost the same, just announcement or letting someone know what time is it is constant and fact at a particular moment but the fact is going around is giving us an opportunity to express feeling at any moment. Within some rules and limits, colors and numbers can be mixed but understanding is different as well as moments we are trying to represent.