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I have a passion for art and an artistic approach to life but also a great passion for expressing my ideas visually. I believe that this is a fantastic thing, and one of the most important factors that have helped me develop myself as a designer. Today I am proud to say that I am building myself up to something I love and something that I have looked forward to doing for a long time since I was a kid. I take an interest in creative work, which is greatly enabled through my studies but extends to the hobby I recently took up: tattooing.

Additionally, I have performed in the past with a group of street artists in my home town Bihac. Art can serve so many purposes, from making objects for daily use more attractive and easier to sell to making social, political, or any other statements in of life (eg. Banksy).

My wish is that different kinds of artistic expressions enrich the life of each person. Amongst artists, I greatly admire a contemporary artist Selma Selman, coming from my birth town, who is a role model for her community and she is coming from the most marginalized groups of people in our society, Roma. Additionally, she is a female artist in a male dominant society, which requires double the effort all the rest of us would need to invest in making our voices, ideas, and projects heard.

As a Graphic and Multimedia Designer, I can express my creativity every day.  Picking color palettes and choosing images is only part of it because I also have to think “outside the box” to solve challenging projects. I like to think of myself as a creative type, with a good eye for detail and graphic design gives me the opportunity to bring ideas to life.

Personally, I enjoy Digital Art since there are so many possibilities. Drawing is more “free,” but you can’t undo or use a fill tool. There’s also morphing, layering, shapes, and various brushes. Digital art is more tolerant of mistakes; simply undo if you unintentionally paint over the painting you worked on for 7 months. I enjoy it since it is simple to manipulate curves and undo mistakes.

Manual art, such as painting,  is far more fulfilling for me as an artist. Digital art, on the other hand, can be mass-generated in printing and more, allowing your imagination to run wild.

Adem Hajdarevic Digital Art
Adem Hajdarevic Photography

Photography plays a huge role in my life and I am delighted to turn precious moments into images. I love seeing the tiny and interesting details in everyday things that people usually overlook. When I present them through the lens of a camera, I usually get a reaction along the lines of “Wow, I didn’t notice that before!” Photography lets me interact with people in a way that challenges me to tell a visual story. Sometimes that story is just a juxtaposition of optical elements, but I try to convey something about my subject’s personality.

Life is beautiful and photography helps me capture that beauty, because, with all beauty, time deteriorates the beautiful things in life, like humans, creatures, and even natural landscapes. It’s up to me as a photographer to capture those beauties and keep them eternal. I get the most inspiration from capturing still life photography but I also enjoy taking travel photos so I can capture everyday moments in the life of other countries. Still-life photography is defined as any image that depicts an inanimate object, whether natural or man-made.

Another type of art I also like doing is Street Art. It gives me the opportunity to be creative in an open space. Visual art is created in public locations for public visibility. People are thrilled when they see good street art.

It brightens their day and makes their commute more entertaining. It lends personality to what would otherwise be dull and monotonous. People are reminded to be alive by art. It wakes people up and brings positive emotions!

People are happier when they see art on the street; it brightens their day and makes their commute more exciting. It lends personality to spaces that would otherwise be dull and monotonous. People are reminded to be alive by art. It jolts people awake, it motivates, and it can sometimes make people think.

Street art takes the ‘normal’ and makes it thousand times more interesting.

Adem Hajdarevic Street Art
Adem Hajdarevic Tattooing

I fell in love with tattoos because they are an exciting form of Art. For many people, now more than ever, being a Tattoo Artist is a dream job, and I understand why. Once you get enough tattoo work done and you hone your skills you can work almost anywhere in the world!

The job is very creative and demands a high level of artistic understanding and designing skills for every type of tattoo there is from Old School to New Age tattoos.

Tattooing is also a time-consuming operation. It is costly and necessitates some level of forethought, pain tolerance, and time commitment. However, if your love of tattoos does not cause you any hardship, you should feel free to express yourself in any way you see fit.

I have been a volunteer of the Red Crossin Bihac throughout my senior years of primary and entire secondary school. Recently, with a group of friends, I participated in the establishment of an NGO “On the move” which is based in Bihać.  Its goals and mission are related to combating prejudice against people which have been negatively perceived in part of BiH where we operate, as well as addressing the needs of youth.

A key element in humanitarian work is the importance placed upon “why” – Why do I do this work? While growing up, I knew myself to be a compassionate person but I didn’t know there was another dimension to that.

The humanitarian, by definition, is put in close proximity to some of our greatest challenges and crises, both on the news and hidden. From extreme poverty and forced displacement to natural disaster relief and support for victims of all parts of society, the humanitarian is a part of, yet apart from the scenes.

Adem Hajdarevic Bihac Humanitarian Work with a local NGO
Adem Hajdarevic Rafting

Whitewater rafting is a thrilling, adventure that really makes me feel alive, puts a smile on my face, and truly makes me happy. Time spent with loved ones in nature while whitewater rafting is one of the top things that I like to do.  Kids unplug, memories are made with friends and family that last a lifetime.  Whether it’s river time with your friends, a class trip with students, or colleges, any time spent on a whitewater rafting trip is time well spent. A day of rafting provides a natural source of vitamin D. It is a terrific way to get some exercise while having fun, and you will be surrounded by a beautiful natural setting that will make you happy.

Rafting is a team sport in which rafters race on an inflatable raft against other teams. The race is won by the squad that arrives at the destination first. The races are held in varying degrees of white water or rough water. The rafters paddle the boat with two blades. Rafting should not be confused with canoeing, kayaking, rowing, or dragon boating because they all use different boats and follow separate rules.


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About Me

Primary school “ Harmani I ” Bihać
Secondary grammar school in Bihać
International Burch University, Sarajevo

Informal education:
Red Cross: First Aid and volunteering
Rafting white water Guide Certificate
Basic Course in Slovenian language