Sheeda Webshop Design

Webshop Design for “Sheeda” Skate Shop Company. My work included but is not limited to the website layout, the individual pages, the navigational structure, and the images. All of the elements that I created can be customized for any online presentation needs and the design is fully responsive. The design includes 2 kinds of different screens representation, a computer, and smart phone layout.

Web site design was done as a representation of another project that went online. Sheeda skate shop is an imaginary brand that would have a webshop for skate equipment, skates, clothing, and shoes.
As the shown page consists of the homepage-as shop(products), new arrivals (therefore under header there is a slider with new arrivals through which u can slide over newest few products, and with click get to newest arrivals sorted by date), about us section as informative page of locations and similar, sales as unique page sorted out for discounts and special offers. The header includes a search space with icon, shop bag, and login icons as one of the things the webshop should include.

The layout of the products is based on the importance of products for company sales. All products are separated into columns which would have a slider for top sold items, another part would be the extension of side products which would lead to another category of products.

The color choice was inspired by the logo and style of a brand as well as all other following theme specifications and details.
All other details were added as optional but the importance was to maintain shop look as well as informing the user and leading on most important parts of interest.
Version for smart devices was adopted for small screens and it would take a different approach on appearance and user interface. Usage of web site would be more simple and clean without so many options but purpose to take attention of a user and make a visit of page last longer.