Album Cover


The project concept is a cover for a music album of group Totem (psychedelic/metal).

Music albums are sold today in different media, for example, this particular format is intended to be for vinyl although it can be used as a CD cover. The project includes also one song artwork which is used for one of the songs from the album as a background for media players on smart devices or small format as a representation of the song “15 do 3”. Project includes front and back part, on the front cover, there is an illustration of one of the masks from series -MASKS- ( series started at 2015 continued until today, series is conceptual art with repetition of same motive expressed under the effect of particular music and limitation of time, 12 masks per year representing 12 months in a year.

This one represents the start of the music career of a young group of musicians. The back cover side is a list with songs and information about the band but information such as production year, series number, etc.. are not included because the format is used for the presentation of the artists. In relation to that, the logos of publishing companies are not used for commercial purposes in the sense that they are not used in sales.

Parts and interrelations

Illustrations and the rest of the work lays on a dark background. The illustration has aggressive turquoise color while lettering and typography were done in contrast to white and light shades of grey. Geometrical shapes and lines are not perfect and not balanced in some points. The artistic representation on the mask is as wide as the qualities and values of every single person. The contrast of colors and background with duplication of lines that brings tension is positioned at one side of the work, while on the other side is typography with the name of the bend. The illustration represents the name of the album while the name of the band takes place as a second important part. Other parts included are optional and not officially taken in the original artwork but presented as an idea. One reflection of typography from the front page is on the same spot on the backside, together with a list of songs and the length of every song. The concept includes thin font with heaviness on the backside.

Album Cover Adem Hajdarevic Artwork (1)
Album Cover Adem Hajdarevic Artwork (2)